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Kinnaird Street Duo Drops in Cambridge for $1M-Plus Each

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Above is a photo of what was at 11-13 Kinnaird Street in Cambridgeport Riverside in late 2014. This house has since been razed and a duo of new ones has taken its place. Those houses are now on the sales market and represent the priciest new listings in Cambridge.

To start, there's the four-floor, six-room, 2,338-square-foot 13 Kinnaird, which wants $1,425,000. The 3-BR, 3-BA comes with off-street parking and a private porch.

Then there's 11 Kinnaird, an even bigger affair at 2,746 square feet but with identical amounts of bedrooms and bathrooms. The seven-room single-family wants $1,525,000 and also comes with off-street parking.
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