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Taj's Gingerbread Boston Tea Party Took 108 Pounds of Dough

Taj Boston, one of the city's swankier hotels (with certainly one of the swankier presidential suites), just debuted its epic gingerbread of the Boston Tea Party, that revolutionary 1773 act that raised a proverbial middle finger to our British overlords and therefore assured Boston hit its annual tourism numbers for all coming time.

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It took serious poundage to craft the gingerbread, according to the hotel. Such as:
· 108 pounds of dough
· 100 pounds of isomalt (a.k.a. sugar)
· 39 pounds of decorative fondant
· 36 pounds of icing as glue and snow
Altogether, the Tea Party recreation resulted in 117 tea boxes and took 388 hours to make. Know of any other gobsmacking gingerbread houses/scenes about the Hub this season? Do email the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline. (H/t Boston Tweet.)
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