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16 Sweeping Looks at a Gut-Renovated Colonial in Cambridge

The 3,900-square-foot Colonial at 33 Huron Avenue just west of Porter Square in Cambridge last traded a year ago for $1,250,000. That marked the first time it had sold since January 1973 (when the house commanded all of $62.5K in 1973 dollars). Thirty-three Huron was subsequently gut-renovated and reintroduced to the market this past September. It is a shiny, sleek, sweeping masterwork of hardwood and sharp angles with two large bedroom suites and cathedral ceilings. The house was asking $2,350,000, and just sold. The 4-BR with three full baths and two halves traded in the end for $2,250,000. That is a somewhat surprising $100K off the asking.
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