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Touring Roxbury's Bolling Building; Snapping the Hub's Icicles

HUB-WIDE—These are terrifyingly beautiful: "Exhausted after weeks of Instgramming snowbanks, desperate, snow-crazed New Englanders are sharing photos of the giant, threatening icicles hanging from every eave, ledge, and rooftop around the region." []
ROXBURY—Dan Adams toured the new Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building, which is apparently a heckuva lot sexier than the name implies: "Even on a gray day, with a sheet of light snowfall blurring the skyline, the views from the sixth floor of this former furniture store are spectacular. To the north, bustling Washington Street points to downtown skyscrapers; to the southeast, rows of triple-deckers stretch over the low hills of Roxbury and Dorchester." [Globe]