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Here's Where Condo Prices Didn't Rise in Downtown Boston

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The above chart (click to enlarge) comes courtesy of Laura Ahmes-Gollinger, vice president of real estate marketing firm the Collaborative Companies. Using data from LINK Boston and the multiple-listing service, it charts condo stats from 2013 vs. 2014; and it shows pretty much what you've long suspected if you've been paying attention (and you, dear reader, always pay attention): Downtown Boston condo prices increased last year.

And they went up uniformly in 2014 neighborhood-wise—except in two cases. The average sales price actually dropped in the West End from 2013 to 2014; and the average price per square foot dropped in the Leather District. See for yourself. Aside from these two relatively tiny enclaves, prices bounced last year across downtown Boston—a trend that shows little sign of abating now that the Patriots have gone and won the Super Bowl.
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