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Green Line Tracking App; Walsh to Snow-Jumpers: Stop

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HUB-WIDE—There's a new way to tell just how late the Green Line will be: "The 'Greenline' app, from 'Where's my MBTA Bus?' creator Alex Grinman, uses GPS data to locate above-ground trains closest to users and track their progress on a rotating 20-second basis." [Daily]
BOSTON—Mayor Marty Walsh not only announced that the city's parking ban for main drags would stay in effect until further notice, but Hizzoner offered some advice to those a little too giddy over the snow: "At his latest snow press conference, Walsh also figuratively wagged his finger at people he said have taken to jumping out of windows into snow banks: Cut that out, he warned. There could be a giant death icicle that's fallen off your roof in that snow bank and what happens when you land on that? 'This isn't Loon Mountain, this is the city of Boston,' he said." [Hub]