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A Beautiful Charlestown TH, Eye-Searing Paint Notwithstanding

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The bright purple paint selection for one of the four bedrooms at 9 Albion Place in Charlestown is a bit much. It'll burn your retinas, in fact, should you stare at it for too long. However! The rest of the mansard-roofed townhouse, with its bones in the 1880s, is quite gorgeous in that sanded-around-the-edges classic way. Original detailing can be found throughout as can plank floors. There's a fenced-in yard in the back and a permit for on-street parking in the front. How much will all this run you? The 2,298-square-footer wants $949,000 (though it's already under agreement after just 75 days officially on the market). The chandeliers you see in the dining room and the foyer, by the way, are not included.
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