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12 Classic Train Posters That Lured Riders In and Out of Boston

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'Twas a time when commercial train travel was It as far as getting around, and out of, the Boston region. Take the snow trains from here to places such as Vermont and Maine. Here's the Boston Globe a couple of years ago: "'Snow trains' were once the backbone of New England skiing, when rail service from metropolitan areas was responsible for the sport's initial popularity. Then a decades-long shift to vehicle dependence triggered a widespread phaseout." Or take the New Haven Railroad, which pretty much dominated longer-range train traffic in these parts from the Depression until the late 1960s, just before the advent of Amtrak. Yes, much like flying was at one time more than a necessary evil, train travel was once more than merely quaint (or a necessary evil). · 'Snow Trains' to the Slopes May be Making a Comeback [Globe]
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