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12 Mind-Bending Ways Boston Could Confront Rising Seas

On the two-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy last fall, the City of Boston, the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the Boston Society of Architects (Boston!) launched a global contest for ideas on how to cope with rising sea levels. They called it "Boston Living with Water." Fifty ideas poured in; and now the number has dwindled significantly. You can vote through Feb. 25 on the more promising ones here, though a panel of experts will eventually select the top nine. The criteria was basically this: Help three particularly vulnerable areas of Boston—Morrissey Boulevard, Fort Point Channel District and the North End's Prince Building—deal with rising sea levels over the next several decades; a finalist will be selected from the ideas for each area and then an ultimate winner from those. Above is a scheme for Morrissey Boulevard. Note the floating T line (which will presumably not freeze over in winter). · Boston Living with Water [City of Boston]
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