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Bay Village Is Boston's Monaco: Tiny, Charming and Pricey

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At barely six blocks, Bay Village is Boston's tiniest official neighborhood. Within that tiny slice of the municipal pie, however, there is plenty to take in. Shall we?

The houses on Fayette and Melrose streets. Bay Village is full of picturesque townhouses and squat brick rowhouses-turned-apartment-buildings throughout, most in the Federal style. That's because, according to one theory, the folks who actually built the grander townhouses of Beacon Hill in the 19th century lived in Bay Village and mimicked that area's development. Check out Fayette and Melrose streets for the best examples. (Melrose also has excellent examples of the later Greek Revival style.)

Art Deco on Winchester and Piedmont streets. Because of its proximity to the once-booming movie-house trade in the neighboring Theater District, Bay Village has converted Art Deco warehouse spaces, particularly along Winchester and Piedmont streets. These spaces are invariably condos and apartments now (Bay Village is primarily residential and has been for decades). The building at 45 Church Street, for instance, was once Columbia Pictures' distribution center in Boston.

1 Bay Street. Two windows up, two windows across, the tiny house dating from 1830 is an excellent example of the early architecture of the neighborhood.

Cocoanut Grove. Bay Village has the unfortunate distinction of also being home to one of the deadliest fires in

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Bay Village, Boston, MA

Bay Village, Boston, MA