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Boston's Biggest New Apartment Tower Will Include Micro-Units

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The 30-story, 398-unit AVA Theater District at 45 Stuart Street will be the biggest apartment-building opening in all of Boston this year. The cantilevered tower has just started leasing, with an eye toward a springtime opening, and its stock of stacked apartments includes studios of fewer than 500 square feet. To be clear, they're being marketed as "studios" and not "micro-apartments." But, given that in Boston there is no hard-and-fast definition of the term, we're going to go ahead and call the 469-square-foot studio rendered above, and its similarly sized mates, micro-apartments.

The unit, Apartment 1512, is asking $2,364 a month for a 12-, 13- or 14-month lease. To be fair, some AVA Theater District studios run to 666 square feet, like the one rendered below. That extra space, though, means extra rent: Apartment 2410 is asking $3,525 for leases up to 14 months. The tower's developer, busy, busy AvalonBay, has targeted its newest Boston creation toward younger professionals, just the sorts of folks who (in theory) are comfortable with such tight spaces at such premiums. Perhaps, then, it will all work out, and the AVA Theater District will not have to join the legion of newer towers offering free rent.

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AVA Theater District

45 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116