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The 'Coziest' Apartments on the Boston Market Right Now

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Like with micro-apartments themselves (or lofts), it's rather difficult to define "cozy" in Boston. That doesn't stop brokers and landlords from trying as evidenced by this smattering of current listings invoking the adjective. As best we can tell, a carpet or carpeting does the trick; that automatically equals cozy. Small, too, though a big reason for cozy in the first place is as a euphemism for small. Whatever the hard-and-fast definition (and we'd love to hear yours), cozy does not always mean cheaper. Not in this market. Let's kick things off in Allston. You're promised a "cozy 1 bedroom" at this Brighton Avenue address (exact locations were sometimes not provided in these listings). The 525-square-foot affair—its bathroom is pictured above—wants $1,300 a month.


This studio on Columbus Avenue in the South End has a "cozy carpeted feel in [the] bedroom area." Rent: $2,000.

A "cozy feel with its carpeted living space!" That's the pitch for this 1-BR, 1-BA on Saint Germain Street in Back Bay. Rent: $2,330.

This 2-BR, 1-BA is a "cute and cozy basement unit" in Mission Hill's 178 Calumet Street. Rent: $1,800.

This "cozy four bedroom, one bathroom apartment" is on the second floor of a triple-decker at 70 Chester Street in Allston. It's 1,600 square feet and the rent is $3,600.

You will find a "cozy dining area" in this 2-BR, 2-BA on Clare Avenue in Hyde Park. It's 1,600 square feet and wants $1,975.

This "cozy studio apartment" off Brainerd Road in Allston is asking $1,435.
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