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Townsman, Brewer's Fork Open; New Shack Shacks; More!

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Munch on the latest restaurant news from Eater Boston.

DOWNTOWN BOSTON—Lots of big openings this week. First up, the highly anticipated Townsman is now open in the Radius building, offering up seafood towers, beautiful charcuterie plates, mushroom ice cream, and lots more. Here's a look inside.
CHARLESTOWN—And another anxiously awaited new restaurant, Brewer's Fork, opened in Hayes Square last night, serving wood-fired everything (especially pizza).

DEDHAM / BACK BACK—Cult classic burger chain Shake Shack opens its third and fourth area locations over the next few days — Sunday, March 1, at Legacy Place in Dedham and Monday, March 2, on Newbury Street in Boston's Back Bay.
HUB-WIDEMore juice on the way. So much juice.