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This Southie Lot Is Where Boston's Snow Goes to Die

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The City of Boston has released a strangely elegiac video about its largest snow farm at 6 Tide Street in Southie. A veteran city worker named Kevin, who paves roads rather than plows them when the weather is warmer, narrates the farm's goings-on. What exactly does this agricultural concern do?

Basically, the Tide Street snow farm is the endpoint for plows and trucks hauling snow from major roadways and schools in 10 districts throughout the city. The snow—more than 25,000 cubic yards of it by Tuesday (with literally tons more on the way)—is then piled high and run over with bulldozers to really pack it in. One of the city's few snow-melting machines might be utilized to dispatch the flakes; but mostly the city relies on Mother Nature to melt it. That could take a while (perhaps until spring or beyond) and means 16- to 24-hour days for Kevin and his co-workers. But it also means that the snow is someplace where it can't hurt anyone ever again. God bless.
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