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Maybe the Green Line Isn't as Big a Draw as Everyone Thinks

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'Tis no mistaking the rapid changes in Somerville. A sizable chunk of these alterations, including new development, businesses and residents, has long been attributed to the long-awaited Green Line extension through the city. And yet. Sales of the seven condos at the newly developed 97 Prospect Street have been closing for several weeks now. Their listings have touted the "very short walk to the new Green Line Extension stop in Union Sq."

Nevertheless! Most of these condo sales have been at or very near the asking price. Take Unit 2, which closed last week: The 1-BR, 1-BA 873-square-footer wanted $529,000 and that's precisely what it got. Or take Unit 7, 3-BR, 2.5-BA, 1,900-square-footer that wanted a cool $1,050,000. It got exactly that. Or No. 4, which is almost identical dimensionally to No. 7: It wanted $979,000. Guess what it got? Right. In this epoch of over-asks in the Hub, 97 Prospect is missing out, the Green Line notwithstanding. (Of course, we should probably check back in a few years, when the trolleys are actually bumping along and resales have started...)
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