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Wynn on Everett Revenue; London Mayor on Boston Olympics

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EVERETT—The Wynn people are certainly excited about their prospective casino-resort: "'We are going to be responsible for $50 million a month in revenue for this state, probably another $50 million in related revenues to all the surrounding communities,' said Ian Coughlan, president of Wynn Resorts-Macau on an earnings call last week. 'To be in Boston, Massachusetts, and in the metropolitan area in Everett and have almost four million people where we're the only game in town is scintillating.'" [Herald]
HUB-WIDE—London Mayor Boris Johnson is visiting the region and wants you to know the Olympics are positively smashing: "'It will be like the Big Dig in this sense, that everybody will moan, everybody will complain, and everybody will be gloomy until just before it takes off, when suddenly everybody will be overcome by euphoria,' Johnson told the Herald. 'And they won't be able to imagine how they could have even considered not bidding for the Olympics. And then it will go swimmingly well.'" [Herald]