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14 First Looks at Beacon Hill's Redone 50 River Street

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The aged brick Colonial townhouse at 50 River Street at the bottom of Beacon Hill traded in February 2013 for $2,584,300. A renovation of the five-floor, 2,900-square-foot spread quickly commenced and what's left behind is something else: a gleaming pile of integrated entertainment and temperature systems; a second-floor game room (or living room); setups for two W/Ds; whole-house water filtration; new windows; and a private balcony with a grill. The townhouse, which also comes with a finished basement, recently hit the sales market. The whole updated shebang wants $3,480,000. The only thing that might be holding 50 River back is that the sole garaged parking space does not come with; it's available for rent.
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