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Bin Laden Relative's Boston Condo; Little Parking, Big Project

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BEYOND THE HUB—Will we ever see this in Boston? Maybe, maybe not. One of the largest private real estate developments in U.S. history, Hudson Yards in Manhattan, is going up ... with only 200 parking spaces (and that number might actually decline). The developers have the option of many times more than that amount, but apparently don't see the need. [Capital NY]
WATERFRONT—It has to do with back taxes, not with his infamous relative: "On Dec. 9, the City of Boston executed an instrument of taking of a 1,210-square-foot Flagship Wharf unit owned by 'Mohammed M. Binladen.' City records show Mohammed purchased the unit in 1995 for $245,000. In 2015, the unit is worth an assessed $697,000. The family surname is rendered in different ways in English." [BostInno]

Flagship Wharf

197 8th Street, Boston, MA