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Union Park Spread on the Market for First Time in 40 Years

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Here's why Unit A at 28 Union Park in the South End looks so wide open: It's because it's spread over two separate buildings that were long ago joined together. That move as well as a 2008 renovation has left the 2,465-square-foot condo with an airy appearance even as its Coldwell Banker listing drowns it in baroque touches, including what looks like an Elizabethan painting over the lone fireplace. The 3-BR, 3-BA has modern everything, including a solarium, plus two parking spaces and storage. It's a pretty enticing package; and it's on the sales market for the first time in more than four decades. Unit A is asking $3,180,000—or a nearly $1,300 a square foot. Too much? Just right? Stay tuned.
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Union Park

Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118