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Big 11-Building Project Could Fill Vacant Dorchester Site

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Big doings afoot in the Hub's Neighborhood of the Year! Developer Atlas Investment Group wants to plunk a major residential-retail project on a vacant Dorchester tundra bounded by Dot Ave, Pleasant Street, Hancock Street and Greenmount Street, not even a half-mile from the Savin Hill T stop.

The first phase of the project would include 64 2-BR condos in eight four-story buildings as well as 50 condos or apartments in another five-story building. The second phase would put 145 residential units in two six-story buildings. There would also be up to 40,000 square feet of retail space spread about and a 400-space garage. Crucially, the developer so far has the support of locals, according to the Herald's Donna Goodison. You need that in that part of Dorchester. Stay tuned.
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Savin Hill T Stop

121 Savin Hill Avenue, Boston, MA