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Your First Looks at JP's Long-Time-Coming Olmsted Place

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The conversion of the old Home for Little Wanderers at 161 South Huntington Avenue in Jamaica Plain has been a long time coming. The project was bogged down for what seemed like ages over concerns that the 196 apartments would upend the area's delicate affordability balance. That remains to be seen as leasing gets under way. So far we've got these new renderings from the new website for what developer Boston Residential Group is calling Olmsted Place. Said complex will have amenities such as a gym, a coffee lounge and free WiFi in the common areas (the website also talks up the project's proximity to spots such as Whole Foods). Rents are not yet available, though apartments run all the way from studios to 3-BRs of more than 1,300 square feet. · Website: Olmsted Place [Boston Residential]
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Olmsted Place

161 S Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02130