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Smooth-Talking Grandma Takes Jamaica Plain for a Ride

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Well, this is a new one. The Globe's Thomas Farragher has the tale of the sale of 21 Yale Terrace, a more than century-old single-family in Jamaica Plain put on the market by a public school teacher who wanted to move to South Carolina to be with her family in retirement. "She gave her real estate agent just one instruction: Sell to a family that will love this neighborhood as much as I have."

That seemed to be the outcome. A packed open house last spring led to a $600,000 offer $61K over the asking from a grandmother who said she wanted the house as some sort of familial hub. Perfect, right? Wrong. Soon this grandmother—if she was a grandmother (she seems to have disappeared)—flipped 21 Yale for the grand total of $1. The buyer this time? Bicon Dental Implants, which plans to tear down the house and put up a parking garage and a hotel-style dormitory for it trainees.

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The company's none too popular in the neighborhood for a variety of reasons. But! Unlike so many development brouhahas in town, this is not a case of NIMBY-ists stomping their feet and clenching their fists. As Farragher points out: "Before Bicon moved in a decade or so ago, the place used to be where women prisoners were transitioned back to society. An affordable senior housing complex is across the way, a development embraced by the neighbors."

So now what? Neighbors are asking Mayor Marty "53,000 Units and Yesterday" Walsh to intervene. Stay tuned.
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