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Have a Large Art Collection? Check Out This Cambridge Loft

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One of the truisms of Greater Boston real estate is that no one knows what constitutes a loft in these here parts (we do have a sense of their evolution, however). It's kind of like the shorthand for obscenity: You know it when you see it. We definitely see this recently listed triplex at 75 Richdale Avenue near Porter Square in Cambridge as a loft. The capacious shell swells over more than 2,900 square feet and comes with three full bathrooms as well as a master suite that consumes the entire third level. The Hammond listing makes no bones about the capaciousness: "ideal for art collections and large libraries." So, if that's you, get. Unit 2 at 75 Richdale is asking $1,275,000. Stay tuned.
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75 Richdale Avenue

75 Richdale Avenue, Cambridge, MA