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All Olympics Edition! Referendum Planned, No Eminent Domain

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MASS.-WIDE—What's more, even if the state votes yes and Boston votes no, the Games are kaput: "In a shocking turn of events, John Fish, the chairman of the Boston 2024 Olympic bid, announced in an address to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday morning that a 2016 referendum will be sought to vote on the possibility of bringing the games to Massachusetts. ... Fish not only said that the bid itself will seek a public vote, but will collect the signatures necessary to get a question on the ballot for 2016." [BostInno]
DOT/SOUTHIE—He didn't rule out buying it, though, if the owners are selling: "Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh has assured the owners of a 20-acre parcel being eyed as a possible Olympic stadium site that the city will not take the land by eminent domain. Marion Kaiser, chief executive of seafood wholesaler Aquanor Marketing Inc., said Walsh made the pledge Tuesday morning during a visit to the New Boston Food Market, a business cooperative that sits on the Widett Circle property coveted by Olympic organizers." [Globe]