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Say Hello Again to 56 Beacon Street, Now Bigger Than Ever

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In a Boston housing market where homes go like that [snaps fingers], the Greek Revival townhouse at 56 Beacon Street in Beacon Hill has stuck out like a gorgeous thumb. The 17-room mansion with eight fireplaces, two decks and a heated four-car garage originally hit the sales market in January 2011 for $12,500,000. That price soon started dropping steadily, all the way to $11,900,000. Then the listing dropped off the market entirely this January. The townhouse, which also has its own elevator as well as a garden terrace, is back with that same $11.9M tag. However! It's being listed with Campion & Co. rather than Otis & Ahearn. And! Curiously enough, it's listed square footage has ballooned from 8,684 square feet to 9,559. (There are also fewer listing photos; we're going by the earlier Otis & Ahearn pitch for the pictures herein.) Stay tuned.
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