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Comm. Ave. Bike Lane Brouhaha; Batch Yard Sweeteners

EVERETT—David Bates toured the newish Batch Yard apartment complex and discovered these incentives for prospective tenants: no broker's fee; apartments will be held for 60 days upon lease-signing; and there's a $500 gift card in it if you make a decision with 48 hours of viewing an apartment. He did not care for the industrial views, though. [Bates]
BOSTON—It will run from the BU Bridge to Packard's Corner: "The city of Boston will install protected bike lanes on a stretch of Commonwealth Avenue, a victory for biking advocates who have pushed for the city to make it safer to cycle down the bustling thoroughfare." Not everyone's over the moon about it, though: City Councilor Michael Flaherty says the city can't afford the loss of 73 parking spaces that generate $341,000 per year after a winter in which it overspent its snow removal budget by tens of millions of dollars and is considering closing several schools." [Globe/]