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Uber for Boston Parking; Big Reveal for Congress Square

DOWNTOWN BOSTON—More details are out about Congress Square, which you'll surely remember was one of the most mind-boggling proposals of 2014: "The 458,300-square-foot project includes about 92,700 square feet of proposed new construction: a cantilevered glass, five-story condominium addition above 15 Congress Street; a three-story office addition to 40 Water Street; and the new 133-room hotel tower on what's currently a vacant lot used for parking. The hotel tower would be connected to the building at 68 Devonshire Street." [Herald]
BOSTON—It's been tried elsewhere: "Another phase of the plan will see the Boston Transportation Department install 8,000 parking meters across the city that will be payable by mobile devices or credit cards. While certainly an improvement, mobile-app friendly meters could just be the start of a complete overhaul of the city's parking system. Officials hinted that the city might consider implementing a surge pricing-based metered parking system. In layman's terms, 'Uber for on-street hourly parking rates.'" [BostInno]