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These Maps Show How Boston Rents Have Risen Since 1990

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The above map comes courtesy of Ungentry. It charts the rise of apartment rents in Boston and surrounding communities in the last 25 years (h/t Nate Boroyan at BostInno). The redder a location, the higher the rent. As you can readily see, the red basically washes over the region, especially from 2000 to 2010. Look at Eastie and Southie in particular; and weep.

One can only imagine how red the map will be come 2020, but pretty much all signs point to rents continuing to rise despite the unusually brisk pace of apartment construction. As for why such increases might be especially trying, check out the below map, also from Ungentry. It charts median household incomes in the region since 1990. See how the colors don't change as much?
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