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Boston-Area Man Seeks Home for His Teeny-Tiny House

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A week and a half ago, Chris Page posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a home for his house. The house in question is a mere 200 square feet (easily making it a micro-home any way you slice it). Page built the house with his dad on a trailer 11 feet wide and 22 feet long. It is 13.5 feet tall and comes with indoor plumbing (including an incinerating toilet), a shower and a bed. Page intends to live in the house while he attends graduate school.

In his Craigslist ad, Page mentions that while he's studying psychology, starting later this year, he'll need a place to park himself and his house (he'll pay rent and utilities to the lucky landowner). His desired locations include Somerville, Cambridge, Arlington, Belmont, Malden, Medford, Jamaica Plain, Brookline and Brighton. More specifically, he needs an "unused patch of land" in someone's backyard. Easy as that might sound given the wide range of options, there have been a couple of major hitches.

For one thing, certain municipalities, including Somerville, do not allow what amounts to a trailer in backyards. Also: "I visited with some people in the city and they have a big enough backyard, but the driveway is too narrow," Page told WBZ Radio. "So there's no way to actually get the house into the backyard." Hate it when that happens.

If you want even more of Page's tiny house, check out the YouTube tour below.

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