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Hub's Highest Condo Fee? Could Be This Newbury Number

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It's probably one of those if you have to ask... situations. But we have to ask. Units 501 and 502 at the new Chanel No. 6 at 4-6 Newbury Street in Back Bay just hit the market as a single spread. They're being delivered as a shell, per the rest of the building, which was completed just last year and that includes a two-level store for the iconic perfume-maker. That's some 5,669 square feet 6,070 square feet in total, with the potential for as many as four bedrooms and five bathrooms as well as three garaged parking spaces. The whole shebang wants $8,500,000.

You can also get either unit separately, according to the listing from Campion & Co., although it's not clear the individual prices. We do know that Unit 502 traded in January 2014 for $7,118,051; and it's the bigger of the two. So we'd guess that it's tag makes up the bulk of the combined-unit asking of $8.5M.

But never mind all that. What's really striking about this is this: Unit 501/502 comes with a monthly condo fee of $9,097. Condo fees are a sometimes opaque thing in Boston, with associations playing them close to the vest and their amounts occasionally buried amid brokerbabble and just the general marketing mishegoss. Yet, surely, nearly 10 grand has to make this the single highest condo fee in all of Boston, even in these go-go times. Are we wrong? Let us know through the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline.
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4-6 Newbury St. Parking Garage

4 Newbury St, Boston, Massachusetts 02116