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21 Photos of a Harvard Square Vic Begging to Be Converted

The 16-room, seven-fireplace Queen Anne Victorian at 376 Harvard Street in Mid-Cambridge off Harvard Square is currently being used as a three-unit rental. The new Coldwell Banker listing, however, says it could be converted to a two-family or even "brought back to a glorious single-family." The 4,396-square-foot house last traded in June 2004 for $1,650,000. Its garage was converted into a gym three years later; and eight of the rooms have been used by the owner as a private residence (the rest rented out). As you can see from the first several photos herein of the owner's unit, 376 Harvard would, indeed, look glorious as a single-family again.
The Vic, which includes four and a half bathrooms, wants $2,600,000. That seems like a lot (and it is), but it pencils out to less than $600 a square foot. Which could be considered cheap for this tony part of Cambridge.
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