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Waltham Getting Ever Hipper; Boston Massacre Anniversary

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WALTHAM—This might mark the first time that the words "increasingly hip" have been used in all seriousness to describe Waltham. Bring it, Van Voorhis: "Though the storms have put a dent on sales in Watch City, condo prices, especially in the city's increasingly hip downtown, have kept on rising, brokers say. They rose 2.2 percent in January, hitting a median of $359,000, according to The Warren Group, publisher of Banker & Tradesman." []
DOWNTOWN BOSTON—'Twas 245 years ago today that British troops murdered five protesters: "The 'Boston Massacre' became a rallying cry for Patriot leaders like Samuel Adams, and the colonies teetered on the brink of insurrection for several days. Future President John Adams would later successfully defend the British soldiers in court, but the incident served as a bloody warning that revolution was just around the corner." [History]