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Can This Downtown Crossing Rental Get Any More Opulent?

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It's been about a year since the six condos in Downtown Crossing's converted Locke-Ober building debuted. The so-called Winter Place Residences have gathered their shares of jaw-drops and rightfully so: they are big spreads (more than 2,200 square feet, all of 'em) and they are on the pricey side (originally $1.75M and up). Add another jaw-drop to the mix: Unit 2 at 1 Winter Place, which just dropped on the rental market. It goes for baroque in its dining and living rooms, and is rather sleek elsewhere. Keep in mind, too, that the rent covers the furnishings: What you see here is what you get. The 2-BR, 3-BA is asking $14,000 a month. It comes with a private roof deck that has its own kitchen and bathroom.
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