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Behold, the 46-Story Replacement for the Garden Garage

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The original plans from developer Equity Residential called for replacing the four-story Garden Garage in the West End with two towers, one 31 floors and another 24. That proposal withered a few years ago under neighborhood opposition (big surprise); but that didn't stop the developer from going back to the proverbial drawing board with busy, busy architect Elkus Manfredi. They came up with a new plan only recently put forward and hinging on the idea of a single tower that would instantly make it one of the tallest new ones in all of Boston. You can see it rendered above there, the silvery shoot off to the right. The single spire is slated to hold around 482 residential units as well as a below-grade parking garage with 842 spaces and approximately 2,000 square feet of retail. Plans also call for 18,000 square feet of common area and amenities. Nothing's final yet, though the Boston Civic Design Commission last week recommend the city O.K. the new proposal. Stay tuned.
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