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Blizzard Could Not Stop Bidding War for This Somerville House

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On Saturday, Feb. 14, a heavy snowfall re-blanketed the region and the temperature barely climbed out of the 20s. It was on that merciless day that the three-family house at 8 Knapp Street in Somerville had its sole open house. The 3,924-square-foot property was asking $1,250,000, the listing touting the 20-room spread as both an investment and a redevelopment opportunity. Surely, though, however enticing the prospect of plunking fresh condos in a rapidly gentrifying Somerville might be, the awful weather would freeze out buyer interest, right? At least until March? According to a source via the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline, 8 Knapp received "multiple offers" during the snowstorm and went under agreement within 72 hours of the Feb. 14 open house. Consider it a spring preview.
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