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College Graduates Get Salary Guidance on Where Best to Live

Oh, college graduates. A conflicted bunch. Bounding with excitement to graduate, but terrified at the concept of finding a suitable place to live in Boston's jungle of jumping rent prices. HotPads feels for you, and has subsequently made a comparative map of where to live, based on income, and interestingly, based on chosen profession.

Is it a good idea to recommend that specific professions should live in specific places, or is this neighborhood engineering?

Regardless, HotPads has taken it upon themselves to look at the median rent in select neighborhoods for studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units to find a median per person monthly rent estimate. Census data was then used to find the gross salary of full-time workers aged 22 to 30 with college degrees.

So the map will still tell you that, for example, designers spend approximately 69% of their income on rent, and the media per capita spend is $2,400. The aim is to see how comfortable you are with numbers like these as they compare to your ideal budget.
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