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This Won the Competition to Better Connect Kendall Square

Last week we told you about ConnectKendall, a competition the City of Cambridge was holding to gin up ideas for better linking the myriad parts of East Cambridge's tech hub. There were four finalists in the contest, all emphasizing pedestrian- and biker-friendliness as well as the connectivity that that can bring. A six-member jury picked a winner Thursday.

It was the hydro-centric idea of a team led by Somerville-based Richard Burck Associates. From the team's original pitch: "We propose to borrow from history in freshly interpreted ways, reestablishing water as a basis of both sustainability and circulation while at the same time, seeking to weaken the scar tissue of super blocks, allowing finer grained circulation patterns to emerge through them." The idea, which the city may or may not implement (the competition was more brainstorm than anything else), also emphasizes connecting Kendall through existing and new parkland and open space. And sledding. See the winning proposal through here.
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Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA