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The Rents at Westwood's Giant New Apartment Complex

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Right near the Route 128 Amtrak stop (the one before the one that takes you into South Station) is a new 2 million-square-foot commercial and residential development called Gables University Station. Its residential component includes 350 apartments, which in turn include such amenities as a gaming station, a media room, three courtyards and a fitness center. It's far from Boston proper, yes, on the other side of Route 128, in fact, but it appears on paper at least that you would get more bang for your rental buck here.

One-bedroom apartments start at $2,530 a month; 1-BRs are at least 856 square feet. Two-bedrooms start at $3,090 and are at least 1,095 square feet. Then there are also the amenities and the relative convenience of the retail, which will include a Target and a Smashburger (date night right there). The complex is pre-leasing right now, with move-ins to start in late June.
· Website: Gables University Station [Gables Residential]