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Here's What Happens to a South End Triplex These Days

'Tis no surprise that Boston condos trade fast these days and it's also well-known that they often go for more than their asking prices. Such is our housing market circa 2015, with its cartoonishly low supply and perennial popularity (and absurdly low borrowing rates). So if you're surprised by the following fate of Unit 1 at 10 Holyoke Street in the go-go South End, then you haven't been paying attention. The 2,289-square-foot triplex with three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and a fenced-in courtyard (as well as two deeded parking spaces) dropped on the sales market on March 18 for $1,995,000 through John Neale and Bradford Sprogis. It found a buyer almost immediately. The deal for it closed Friday. The closing price? $2,070,000. or a full $75K over asking. Good luck out there.
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