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All Olympics Edition: Support Still Low, Permanent Stadium

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BOSTON—Tom Derderian, president of the USA Track & Field New England, has a modest proposal for the Olympics' would-be organizers: a permanent outdoor track stadium. "The area, he said, needs a stadium with 5,000 seats, and enough room for all field events to be visible from the stands. ... Boston 2024 has proposed a 60,000-seat stadium for ceremonies and track events, but it would be temporary, to be disassembled after the Games are over." [Globe]
HUB-WIDE—Support for the 2024 Games here is still kind of meh: "The poll from local National Public Radio affiliate WBUR found 40 percent of Boston-area voters support hosting the 2024 Olympics, while 50 percent are against it. That is a slight improvement from March, when just 36 percent of Boston-area voters said they were in favor of the idea." [WSJ]