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Meet the 30 New Condos of Somerville's 197 Union Square

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Few locales in all of Greater Boston are changing more rapidly and permanently than Union Square in Somerville. A Green Line station, scheduled to open by 2017, is driving much of the change, which includes monumentally higher rents and potentially millions of square feet of new development. Case in point: 197 Union Square. Developed by Cathartes on the site of the old Cota Funeral Home at 197 Washington Street, the new condo complex is expected to be ready for occupancy this fall.

Here's what we know so far, courtesy of marketer the Collaborative Companies: The mid-rise development will include 30 1- and 2-BR units; there will be surface parking; and 197 Union Square will include amenities such as a roof terrace, a fitness center, bike storage (of course), and what's being called a "solar lounge." It will be several more weeks before we know the asking prices, but your guesses are always welcome in the comments section or through the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline. Stay tuned.
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