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Look Past the Leopard Print to 68 Pinckney's Awesomeness

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Takes something rather compelling to distract one from the gobsmackingness of a Beacon Hill Victorian, especially one newly listed for a total that places it amid Boston's priciest single-family askings right this second. But the large, three-part dining-room-wall print of a woman recumbent on leopard sheets is that distraction. Look past the tackiness, though, and you'll find much to recommend the 3,799-square-foot townhouse at 68 Pinckney Street. With features such as its bow-fronted windows and its spectacular roof deck, it makes you wonder why it had to be staged any way at all. The 5-BR, 3-BA spread wants $4,100,000. It last traded in October 2009 for $3,100,000; and has since been renovated.
Update 5:59 p.m., April 2: A reader writes in to the ever-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline to school us on the print: "It's a wonderful shot by well-known Middle-Eastern artist Lalla Essaydi and is worth a considerable sum."
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