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First Look at How Lovejoy Wharf Will Meet the Waterfront

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The Lovejoy Wharf complex currently under construction in the waterfront borderlands of the West End and the North End is earth-shatteringly notable for one single reason: Developer Related Beal is building the complex, which will include 175 luxury condos and the corporate HQ of sneaker giant Converse, without any on-site parking. Yes, in a dense, eminently walkable urban area with (for better or worse) readily accessible public transit, the developer did not think it worthwhile (economically or karmically so) to put in dozens, perhaps hundreds, of parking spots for future residents, as is the general custom in Boston. We see this walkable, connectivity-proud ethos in new renderings of the public plaza that Lovejoy Wharf will include and that is supposed to provide better pedestrian access to the Charles River Dam. The images are courtesy of the Copley Wolff Design Group, a landscape-architecture firm; and they show features such as a large pedestrian stair from the Washington Street Bridge to the pier below and a large, cylindrical marker acting as the entryway for the Harborwalk.

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Lovejoy Wharf

131 Beverly Street, Boston, MA