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Here's a South Boston Condo Asking $625K Per Bedroom

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Unit 401 at 401 West First Street in South Boston's interior hit the sales market about a month ago. The fifth-floor penthouse is in new-development condition (there are 45 units total in the building) and comes with two heated garaged parking spaces as well as a relatively low condo fee of $339. There's also a private roof deck and plenty of windows with sweeping views of the construction-spurred changes in the neighborhood. What really should grab you, though, is the price tag: $1,250,000. We know that per-square-foot is a much better price measure (in this case it would be $776.88); but we couldn't help doing the math based solely on the bedroom count of two. Thus this Southie condo is asking $625K for each bedroom. Worth it? Laughable? Just right? · On Southie Becoming South Boston [Curbed Boston]
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