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In Today's Boston Housing Market, 25 Percent Down Is Nothing

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Readers have been jamming the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline with their woeful tales of home-hunting in the Hub. You already read about the all-cash offer for the Charlestown 2-BR and the bidding war in the South End and the even bigger bidding war in Allston. Now comes a story from the trenches of Southie.

A reader writes:

We are about to finally close on a new townhouse in Southie after six weeks of losing multiple places in both Southie and Charlestown. We offered ask or over in every instance and lost 3 places before somehow ended up with our townhouse (luck?). Apparently our 25 percent down is nothing compared to a cash buyer! All were 2-3 beds and all were well over $1M. We ended up paying just shy of $1M and can't even see a tree or a bush and will have to put up with construction across the street from us for the next year. Such is the Boston real estate market!

Emphasis ours. Sound familiar? Then let us know! And good luck out there.
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