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Allston's 'Brooklynization' Starts; Cambridge's Master Plan

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CAMBRIDGE—The city's master plan is expected to take three years to create and the rubric for it is pretty interesting, y'all: "Cambridge's citywide plan is to assume 'a fundamental shift in our basic climate parameters, away from the historic New England patterns to those more akin to southern regions of the country' that include sea-level rise, more storm surge flooding, higher temperatures and longer heat waves that together have 'profound implications for building design, infrastructure, energy, mobility, public safety and health, the economy and quality of life,' the memo said." [Day]
ALLSTON—It begins: "To longtime residents of Allston, the opening of the Bee's Knees market and restaurant — which happens to have quality sandwiches, wines and other foods — heralds the Brooklynization (or Somervillization or Southie-ization) of the neighborhood." [Biz Journal]