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This Massive Colonial Is Suddenly for Sale in Cambridge

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Whether it's hundreds of thousands of dollars for a public toilet or a gobsmacking Colonial mansion suddenly up for grabs, the People's Republic can really surprise you. The Colonial in question is at 30 Gerrys Landing Road near Mount Auburn Cemetery and a stone's throw from the Charles. It dates from around 1910 and comes with an astounding 16 bedrooms and nine fireplaces. Not surprisingly, it's huge by Cambridge standards: more than 13,200 square feet on nearly one acre. The estate, which includes a four-car garage, is currently asking $6,700,000 through Otis & Ahearn. That does make it one of the most expensive listings in Cambridge in a long while. And yet. It pencils out to a mere $506.23 a square foot. That seems like a bargain nowadays. Sigh.
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