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The Somerville House Poised to Be the Priciest Ever

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Monday brought the gong-rattling news that the 3,320-square-foot monster at 32 Foskett Street near Davis Square had become the most expensive single-family home sale in Somerville history with a $1,725,000 trade. That final amount was a full $225K over its asking price, mind you, which got us to thinking: Is there already another detached house on the market in the city against which all others are measured that might best this fresh record? Turns out there is. The 3,183-square-foot house at 30 Conwell Avenue is barely a mile from 32 Foskett and therefore in the Davis Square area. The 4-BR, 4-BA with a large yard and plenty of closet space has been on the sales market for about two months. It is asking $1,499,900. Supposing it goes for $225K over that asking. What then? That would put it within $100 striking distance of the king. Stay tuned.
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