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Millennium Tower Website Kerfuffle; New Marathon Museum

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DOWNTOWN CROSSING—Careful if you tangle with the tower that's changing everything: "Boston brokerage firm Bushari Group Real Estate has come under fire as of late for a website built to attract clients from Millennium Tower ... The reason for the backlash, sources say, is that Bushari's website,, bears a striking resemblance to, the site built by the building's developer, Millennium Partners." [BostInno]
BACK BAY—The so-called Boston Marathon RunBase at 855 Boylston Street will include a museum about the race: "An unusual project involving the Boston Athletic Association, the local retailer Marathon Sports, and the global athletic supplier Adidas is scheduled to open a few blocks from the finish line on April 16 — just four days before this year's race." [Globe]

Millennium Tower

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