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Leather District Loft Takes Exposed Brick to Whole New Level

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Unit 701 on the seventh floor of 121-123 Beach Street in Boston's Leather District has not only exposed brick walls but exposed brick ceilings. Moreover! Some of said brick ceilings are vaunted vaulted. Yes, vaulted brick ceilings and in a genuine loft condo to boot (the term "loft" 'round here can mean different things to different sets of eyes). The 1,514, 2-BR, 2-BA spread dropped on the sales market back in early February for $949,000. It looked for a time like the weather would stymie any quick deal-making; the original open house, for instance, was cancelled because of the Valentines Day blizzard. Never mind all that: It traded in just over a month. The final tag for the loft was $970,000—or a full $21K over the asking.
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